As we mark the annual celebration of World Oyster Day this Saturday, 5 August, Australia's Oyster Coast invites you to dive into our wonderful world of oysters by exploring the three unique oyster species that we farm: Rock, Pacific and Angasi oysters.

1. Rock Oysters (Saccostrea glomerata):

Let's start with the Rock Oysters, the pride of our pristine estuaries. These native Australian oysters are known for their remarkable texture and rich, briny taste. Found predominantly along the southeastern coast, they are grown in rivers, lakes and bays under estuary specific Environmental Management Systems. It takes at least 3 years to grow ready for harvest and they are highly prized by connoisseurs for their complex flavour profile, made up of the five pit stops of flavour – Brine, Creaminess, Sweetness, Mineralisation and Umami.

Rock Oysters are filter feeders, constantly ingesting algae, minerals and organic particles from the water, meaning they are truly a product of their environment. An oyster’s merroir is no more evident than in the Rock Oyster. Living comfortably in nutrient laden estuarine environments, Rock Oysters are generally more fragile than their marine counterpart the Pacific Oyster and, thus, their flavour and texture are more reflective of their environment.

2. Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas):

Moving along, we venture into the realm of Pacific Oysters, a species that has captured the hearts of oyster lovers worldwide. Originally from Japan, these oysters were introduced to Australia in the 1940s, and since then, are grown under carefully managed environmental conditions. We grow and source our Pacific oysters from regulated oyster growing estuaries in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

Pacific Oysters are renowned for their large, elongated shells and a taste that ranges from delicately briny to refreshingly cucumber-like. They are fast growing and versatile, making them perfect for various culinary delights, from enjoying them freshly shucked with a squeeze of lemon to incorporating them into mouthwatering recipes.

3. Angasi Oysters (Ostrea angasi):

Last but not least, we have the Angasi Oysters, a truly unique and rare find. Also known as the "flat oyster" or "native oyster," these bivalves hold great historical significance in Australia as one of the first oyster species consumed by early indigenous communities. Today, their cultivation is a testament to our commitment to preserving our oyster heritage. Grown predominantly in estuaries in Tasmania and southern New South Wales, the Angasi oyster is grown on the substrate thus taking its flavour from the substrate as opposed to intertidal waters like a Rock and Pacific oyster.

Angasi Oysters have a distinctively flat and elongated shell, with a flavour profile that stands out with its sweet, nutty and more gamey undertones making them a gourmet choice for discerning palates. However, due to their slower growth rate and shorter life span post-harvest, our dedicated oyster farmers put in extra effort and care to ensure their sustainability and availability for those who appreciate their exceptional taste.

Join us in Celebrating World Oyster Day:

As we celebrate World Oyster Day, we invite you to explore the flavours and stories behind these three remarkable oyster species we farm at Australia's Oyster Coast. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices and maintaining the natural balance of our marine ecosystems ensures that you not only enjoy the best quality oysters.

What makes oysters even more special is their connection to the environment. Acting as natural water filters, they help improve water quality by removing impurities and excess nutrients, making them eco-warriors of the ocean. The careful cultivation and nurturing of these magnificent oysters by our oyster farmers ensure the sustainability of both the species and our marine ecosystems.

Additionally, oysters are packed full of nutritional benefits with an abundance of vitamins and nutrients that all contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you're a seasoned oyster lover or just discovering the joy of oyster indulgence, there's no better time to appreciate the beauty and taste of these iconic bivalves. Join us in raising a glass to the hard work and dedication of our oyster farmers, whose passion for these delicate creatures brings joy to your palate.

Happy World Oyster Day from Australia's Oyster Coast!

Experience the finest oysters and learn more about our oyster farming practices at Australia's Oyster Coast.

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