At Australia’s Oyster Coast, we believe oysters are the unsung heroes of the sea. With incredible health benefits, positive impacts on the environment, and quite simply, a fine food shared between friends – we’re committed to being the best oyster custodians we can and sharing our passion of oysters far and wide.

At Australia’s Oyster Coast, we’re proud to provide consistently better oysters to the Australian market and beyond.

Founded in 2013 as a co-op between farmers to improve industry standards, today we’re a commercial enterprise with ambitious goals. These days, we’re farmers, we’re handlers, we’re shuckers, we’re graders, we’re educators, we’re suppliers, we’re passionate oyster advocates and we’re determined to become Australia’s largest vertically integrated oyster business.

Our business is built on best practice methods – everything we do we aim to raise the bar and improve standards so Australians can experience consistently better oysters.

But it’s not just about better quality, it’s about building trust with our farmers, our wholesalers, our retailers and all of our customers, by being consistent in the service and products we provide. But it doesn’t stop there.

We’re committed to continually improving our operations from farm to fork and developing new products so we can bring a better quality oyster experience to more Australians more often.

At Australia’s Oyster Coast, we do everything we can to be consistently better.


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