Our Brands

We're proud to provide quality oysters to the Australian market and beyond. We supply live or half shell Rock, Pacific or Angasi oysters through our product brands Appellation Oysters and Australia's Oyster Coast.


Oysters pack a huge nutritional punch. They are full of many nutrients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle such as Omega 3, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Iodine, Vitamin D, Selenium, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. In fact, 100 grams of farmed Rock Oysters equals the same omega 3 as 3,200 grams of chicken breast.

They are good for our planet too. As filter feeders, oysters improve the water around them enabling the ecosystem to thrive and they sequester carbon into their shells removing it from the atmosphere.

Best of all, they are delicious!

At Australia's Oyster Coast, we are HACCP certified as proof of our commitment to upholding food safety regulations.


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Australia’s Oyster Coast sources oysters from seven AOC owned farms and from 20 estuaries on the New South Wales East Coast. We have also expanded operations to source from Tasmania and South Australia. This enables us to supply high-quality oysters to the local and export market year-round.