Our Operations

Australia’s Oyster Coast celebrates exceptional oysters produced across some of the most environmentally aware estuaries in the world. Our farming operations are built on best practice methods – everything we do we aim to raise the bar and improve standards so Australians can experience consistently better oysters.

Our hard-working team can be found at our farms located in seven NSW estuaries – Hastings River, Wallis Lake, Shoalhaven, Narooma, Bermagui, Wapengo and Merimbula. We also work with independent farmers across 20 NSW estuaries, and we have expanded operations to source from Tasmania and South Australia. This means we offer a year-round supply of freshly harvested oysters.

We work to a comprehensive set of quality checks and audits inspecting our oysters on size, shape and condition. This means we deliver consistent quality oysters every week.

Best Practice Methods

We have high levels of quality standards so that we can collaborate with mother nature with success.

  • Our estuaries operate under stringent Environmental Management Systems

  • Investment into innovative farming practices, new equipment and methodology development

  • Our hand grading and quality checks ensure quality standards are maintained

  • Temperature controlled transport and product traceability

  • We are HACCP certified as proof of our commitment to upholding food safety regulations

Consistent Quality

Many farms can produce a quality oyster, but what sets us apart is our ability to consistently supply quality oysters.

  • Our combination of owned farms and supplier farms allows us access to diverse estuaries and the ability to provide more consistent year-round supply to customers when others cannot

  • Award winning recognition including being named Champion Sydney Rock Oyster at the 2022 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and a 2023 finalist for the prestigious President's Medal

Continual Improvement

We’re so passionate about oysters, we’re always improving, innovating, and evolving our oyster business.

  • Transition from co-op to commercial organisation

  • Ambitious sustainability agenda

  • Ambitious growth targets

  • Always looking for optimum processes and ways to create new efficiencies

  • Desire to expand into new products, markets and channels

  • Purpose to “share our passion for oysters” to more Australians more often

Food Safety Certification

Our approach is to ensure that we have integrity in our processing facilities’ food safety credentials, and we believe this is best achieved via third party verification. Both our processing facilities have achieved HACCP accreditation, and we will continue to invest in best practices for maintaining the highest quality of our products.


Australia’s Oyster Coast sources from 20 NSW oyster-growing estuaries and we have expanded to source from estuaries in Tasmania and South Australia. Each estuary is a unique ecosystem producing world-class oysters of different taste and appeal.


We produce three premium oyster species – Rock Oysters, Angasi Oysters and Pacific Oysters.


The fast-growing Pacific Oyster was introduced into Australia and this world-wide favourite is now grown under carefully managed environmental conditions. We grow and source our Pacific oysters from regulated oyster growing estuaries in New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.


The Rock Oyster, also called the Sydney Rock Oyster, is native to the east coast of Australia from Southern Queensland to the Southern border of New South Wales. Grown in rivers, lakes and bays under estuary specific Environmental Management Systems, it takes at least 3 years to grow ready for harvest.


The Angasi Oyster, also known as the native flat oyster, is a rare native oyster grown predominantly in estuaries in Tasmania and southern New South Wales, and is grown on the substrate. The Angasi takes its flavour from the substrate as opposed to intertidal waters like a Rock and Pacific oyster.