On the pristine waters of Merimbula, a new journey unfolds for Australia's Oyster Coast and a young aspiring future farmer called Harry. Thanks to the AgCAREERSTART program, a national program funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, this unique opportunity not only heralds a new chapter for Harry but also reflects our unwavering commitment to fostering growth, education, and sustainability in agriculture.

The AgCAREERSTART program connects aspiring young farmers with seasoned host farmers, like Australia’s Oyster Coast. Through hands-on experience and educational support, the program helps participants develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the agricultural sector.

A Partnership Rooted in Growth and Learning

The AgCAREERSTART program is a beacon for those yearning to dip their toes into the agricultural sector, offering a structured pathway to gain hands-on experience and knowledge without prior experience. For Australia's Oyster Coast, hosting a participant like Harry at our Merimbula oyster farm is a privilege and an opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of agriculture, particularly in the sustainable cultivation of oysters.

Benefits for Host Farmers

For us at AOC, welcoming Harry into our fold is more than just an act of mentorship; it's an investment in the future of sustainable oyster farming. This partnership allows us to:

  • Share our passion for quality Australian oysters and sustainable farming practices.

  • Share our expertise to help train tomorrow’s oyster farmers. By imparting our knowledge, practices, and the magic of oyster farming, we can help with the preservation of our craft and the health of our estuaries.

  • Harry's presence encourages us to re-examine our methods and inspires new approaches to challenges, such as employee training and different ways to communicate with our employees, especially our younger workers.

  • By participating in the AgCRAEERSTART program we strengthen our connections within the agricultural community, highlighting the importance of collaboration and support in our industry.

Benefits for Harry

For Harry, this program is a gateway to uncharted waters, offering:

  • Practical experience by being immersed in the day-to-day operations at multi-award-winning Merimbula oyster farm. Harry will gain invaluable hands-on experience that is critical for a comprehensive understanding of sustainable oyster farming.

  • Mentorship of experienced farmers. This will provide Harry with a unique learning opportunity, encompassing everything from the nuances of oyster husbandry to the intricacies of environmental management systems.

  • This experience equips Harry with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue a meaningful career in agriculture, potentially inspiring a new generation of oyster farmers dedicated to sustainability and quality.

Harry (right) will be mentored by Braden (left), our Assistant Farm Manager at Merimbula.

Our HR Business Partner Lea (left) manages this program for Australia's Oyster Coast and will mentor and support Harry (right) through his structured training and national aquaculture and seafood conference participation as part of the program.

A shared journey towards sustainability

The partnership between Australia's Oyster Coast and the AgCareerStart program represents our shared vision for a sustainable future in agriculture. It's a testament to our belief in nurturing talent and our commitment to the environment that sustains our livelihoods. As Harry embarks on this exciting journey with us, we look forward to the fresh perspectives, energy, and passion he brings to our team. Together, we are not just farming oysters; we are cultivating a legacy of environmental stewardship and quality that will benefit our industry and the planet for generations to come. Most importantly, we are ensuring that Australians will enjoy quality oysters for generations to come.

In embracing Harry and the AgCareerStart program, we are showing our commitment to sustainability, education, and continual improvement. We look forward to the contributions Harry will make and the growth we will experience together, as we work hand in hand towards a brighter, more sustainable future in oyster farming.

Our Merimbula farm is a special place, especially at sunrise.

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