At Australia's Oyster Coast, we're passionate about improving, innovating and evolving our business with a priority on meeting environmental sustainability outcomes. Some of the actions we are undertaking include upgrading old oyster infrastructure and farming methodologies to more sustainable practices such as utilising products like WoodShield Posts.

WoodShield Posts turns agri-waste and chemical free timber into long life fence posts for all types of farming including oyster farming.

Above: WoodShield timber posts have been specifically created for use in the viticulture, aquaculture, equine and general agricultural industries.

WoodShield posts are an innovative solution for sustainable oyster farming that aligns with the principles of the circular economy. Traditionally, oyster farms use wooden posts or stakes to suspend oyster cages or bags in the water. However, these wooden posts have a limited lifespan due to degradation caused by constant exposure to water and marine organisms. WoodShield posts address this challenge by using a sustainable and durable material that is environmentally friendly. The ethos of the product is chemical-free timber fully encased in recycled plastic.

The ethos of the product is chemical-free timber fully encased in recycled plastic.

an oyster lease that utilises woodshield postsAbove: WoodShield Posts offer oyster farmers like Australia's Oyster Coast a durable and eco-friendly solution for the oyster farming industry.

The benefits of WoodShield posts for sustainable oyster farming are as follows:

  • Longevity: WoodShield posts have an extended lifespan compared to traditional wooden posts. This durability reduces the frequency of replacements, minimising waste and the need for additional resources.

  • Environmental sustainability: By utilising chemical-free timber posts fully encased in recycled plastic, WoodShield promotes resource efficiency by recycling agri-waste that would normally go to landfill.

  • Circular economy principles: By using recycled plastic from agri-waste, WoodShield posts contribute to the circular economy by extending the life cycle of materials.

  • Improved oyster farming efficiency: The stability and longevity of WoodShield posts provide a reliable support structure for oyster cages or bags. This stability allows for more efficient and productive oyster farming operations.

 Woodshield Posts are an eco-friendly solution for oyster farmersAbove: An AOC oyster lease in Bermagui that uses WoodShield Posts.

Using WoodShield posts for our oyster leases exemplifies the integration of environmentally friendly practices, circular economy principles, and eco-friendly durable infrastructure solutions for the oyster farming industry.

Want to know more? Check out the following videos from the team at WoodShield:

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