Sustainability is a given throughout everything we do. Like you, we expect the food we eat is safe and responsibly sourced. With growing world populations leading to an increased demand for nutritional protein like seafood, the Australian oyster industry and seafood sector have gone to great lengths over the last decade to focus on sustainability outcomes.


Australian oyster farmers are world leaders in the co-management of environmental sustainability, and this presents an opportunity for our industry to build on this achievement by branding themselves as the most environmentally sustainable oyster growing region in the world.

As Australia’s largest producer of Sydney Rock Oysters, we farm responsibly and look after our shared waterways because we want to enjoy quality Australian oysters for generations to come.


We are serious about the future of the ocean. All our oyster growing estuaries operate under estuary-wide oyster Environmental Management Systems to increase industry sustainability. This system is a simple yet powerful and integrated approach to environmental management where farmers identify issues that pose a risk to their business and the wider catchment, and then systematically work to address those risks through on-the-ground action. These actions vary from upgrading to more environmentally friendly infrastructure, to raising awareness of catchment issues in local communities.

ESG Policy

A key project in 2024 is to develop our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy to look at our sustainability now and into the future. This is a major project that investigates how we use energy and resources, identifies our emission sources, tracks our carbon sequestration rates and conversions, looks at our supply chains and our commitment to inclusive workplaces. This policy will act as a road map for us tracking our progress to see what we can do better.