The growers of Australia’s Oyster Coast produce three premium oyster species, available in live and half shell, nationally to select partner outlets and restaurants across Asia.






Appellation Oysters is a premium grading program, designed for the identification and selection of the best quality oysters available on any given day. By selecting and grading our oysters from the 60+ farms in the Australia’s Oyster Coast (AOC) family, only the most beautiful oysters will be awarded Appellation status on that particular day. Upon arrival in Batemans Bay, AOC’s grading team checks the oysters’ condition, yield, taste, exterior shell shape and external shell for any overcatch across all grades. At this stage, the various grades are pre-categorised for their possible acceptance into Appellation program. Should the oysters be determined Appellation worthy, they are sent back through our washers in preparation for the grading tables.

The harvested oysters are carefully washed, packed in sealed boxes with a copy of the estuary tasting notes and marked with their estuary of origin, to guarantee authenticity. Not only are the oysters graded for size, consistency and shape but they are also judged for their flavour and texture. Appellation Oysters are guaranteed to deliver the very best oysters available from any estuary within the Appellation group.

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